Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekly Blog Activity Review

I think it's time I gave you an update on my obsession with what's happening on this blog - I'm absolutely obsessed with blogging now and feel like inflicting some of my obsession on you dear readers. How's that for an insight into my psyche? I'm more than an excessively angry person - I'm also shallow, vain and desperate to boost my blog readership. Also, looking at how weird some of the search terms used that end up here still cracks me up.

Well, the big milestones were the Blogger counter finally going over 1000 visits and a day later the Wordpress counter went past 2000. For those who don't know I'm mirroring this blog content on those two blogging tools while I decide which one I prefer. If anyone's interested I might post a comparison of their features and relative strengths/weaknesses later. They were at an equal count at about 400 but since then the Wordpress readership has grown at about double the rate. I'm not sure what first made the Wordpress blog get more readers but since then I've been promoting it more (via comment whoring) than the Blogger one so I'm not surprised it's going further ahead.

But the real fun is always looking at the referrals and particularly the search terms to see what sort of weirdo freak is finding my blog. On the referrals front, I give out big thanks to "Afte4hou4s". I don't know who this is, if it's a regular commenter with a different persona or someone who has read my blog without commenting but they got me heaps of traffic by mentioning me on an REM discussion board. It was cute to have my blog referred to as containing "a few 4 letter words". Fuckin' A.

The search engine referrals continue the mix of relevant, weird and downright perverted. But I do know who to thank for quite a few. If happychick hadn't introduced me to Sandra I would never have used the term "fuck you in the neck" or had discussions on "will become alcoholic" statistics, "drugs fuck you up" or "I don't drink alcohol" - all search terms used to find me this week. The "365 days a year" thing continues to score hits (I had no idea it would work that way) and there was an odd flurry of Stephen Colbert based searches in the middle of the week. The cool thing is how often people searching for proper spelling of names and word usage end up here. Angry, ranting propaganda only works if people read it!

I often wonder if the pervy searchers stick around to read. There were plenty of searches for "nude sex" (as opposed to fully clothed sex I guess) and creepily enough, two days in a row the search string "teen teen teen sex" appeared. What's with all the repetition? Do they think they'll find more teenagers that way?

My favourites for the week that would have pointed to relevant content were:

"your mother doesn't work here"

"inventor kellogg cornflakes"

"hanging toilet paper the correct way"

And possibly the best one: "I am fucking angry all the time" Hope they had fun.

And my favourite WTF? moments were "him a blowjob" and "fuck 365". Neither of those makes sense. So I'm apparently attracting pervs who can't even put a sentence together. And then there was "aussie men nude". Not yet my friend. Who knows, maybe if I get enough requests...


Dr. Nazli said...

Congratulations on your Blogging Milestones!

People keep returning to your blog because the content is interesting, relevant, amusing, and witty! So keep it up.


Mr Angry said...

Thanks Dr Nazli. I try. Having such wonderful readers who inspire me with their feedback helps :)

schpat said...

Dude, I'm only here as a testament to your hawsome comment whoreing, through Moonflake. I was just wondering how you get the info on who's refering ot you and what search phrases bring people to your blog.

BTW: there is only one way to hang TP, correctly!

Mr Angry said...

Schpat, I am indeed a shameless comment whore. Only for blogs I like and/or think I can contibute to though. I get my detailed stats from the Wordpress version of my blog - it has great inbuilt reporting. One of the many ways it's better than Blogger. I think you can add a variety of stats counters to Blogger that help.

And damn right on the TP too!