Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What makes me angry? The people!

One of my earliest inspirations for this blog was a former co-worker who had a hilarious way of expressing her frustration with stupid people by simply going "The people! The people!" OK, maybe I'm easily amused. But she was a New Yorker and that sounds really funny in a New York accent.

I'm actually working on my grand unified theory of why people are fucked. Seriously. Expect to see some musings on this in the coming days. Some kind of serious and some plain silly. I'm starting off on the silly side with these videos.

The first was inspired by a weekend shopping trip where I had to deal with some truly fucked people.

I actually got a huge response from my YouTube viewers to my question "Why do people suck so much?" A cavalcade of comments and quite a few video responses seemed to be of the common opinion "They just do!" Leave it to Little Miss Angry to enlighten me as to why people actually behave this way:

Well, I did say I was starting silly.

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