Sunday, June 07, 2009

Who's the best "Old Fred"?

I've been looking for an excuse to run a Wordpress poll and here it is! About three weeks ago I did a video that was essentially a spoof of the most subcribed channel on YouTube, Fred. Given I'm about 30 years older than him, I imagined what he'd be like in 30 years if he was still making YouTube videos.

And just the other day, Mediocre Films, a channel with way more subscribers than me (like 200,000 more subscribers) did a video where... well, they imagined what Fred would be like in 30 years. Now, the person who pointed it out to me is crying foul but I think it's more likely that this is simply a coincidence rather than them ripping me off deliberately. It isn't as if this is the most innovative idea in the history of comedy. Spoofing popular people is pretty common.

The timing seems a bit coincidental but I'm willing to believe it's nothing more sinister than a coincidence. But seeing there are two versions of "Old Fred" now, why don't we put it to the vote?

P.S. I've been watching "The Mighty Boosh" on DVD recently. If I'd seen the "Old Gregg" episode before I made this video I probably would have had my version of Fred scream "I'm Old Fred - I've got a mangina!"

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