Saturday, May 02, 2009

Gayest Rap Name Ever!

So I've started a new series on YouTube: Totally Fucked Up Fridays. In TFU Fridays videos I look back on some of the truly fucked up events of the week.

And what a week this was! It was so hard to choose what stories to cover. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who gave me suggestions (Follow this link to follow me BTW,

So many fucked up stories to choose from, I went with Swine Flu, Air Force One buzzing New York City (and giving everyone 9/11 flashbacks), the continuing rape of the internet and the gayest rap name ever.


The STFU on the t-shirt stands for Not Safe For Work. Stop asking. By the way, I really did email Michael Buckley of WhatTheBuckShow fame and he was willing to go on record as agreeing that "Lace Italiano" is the gayest rap name ever.

If you want a way around the "can't watch this outside the US" problem, follow this link.

I link to an instructional video rather than straight to the software as I think the instructions are important. I installed the software and it works but it does tend to hijack some of your browser activity, particularly search. I recommend switching it off when you're not actively using it.

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