Thursday, October 12, 2006

300 Posts and still here!

Six months without missing a day, 300 posts, 100 videos, over 2,200 comments... it's distinctly possible I need to get a life. Who am I kidding? Despite the occasional moments of blog-induced stress (usually when I was suffering from writer's block) this is the best my life has felt in years. True, my actual offline life is in better shape than it's been in ages but the sense of purpose and fulfilment I have found through blogging is phenomenal.

Plus, while I don't want to get my hopes up, I'm starting to feel like I may have found a new career path through blogging. There are still many way it could go; writing a book, live performance, something via video or even making actual money via blogging (how's Wallstrip coming along Howard? I beat everyone with my YouTube prediction - do you need a prognosticator?). Even if nothing comes of the blogging, I think my improved attitude shows through strongly in my day job performance, so it's all good.

Of course, the only down side of feeling such personal satisfaction is it occasionally makes it hard to stay angry. Don't worry though, I have plenty more angriness coming - not least because I feel like I'm being judged by the toilet at work (more on that tomorrow). Hopefully this makes it clear to anyone who was wondering: yes, Mr Angry is just a character, I'm nothing like this in real life. I exaggerate some real life experiences for comedic effect and to express the feelings that so many of us are forced to suppress on a daily basis.

It sometimes surprises me how much my writing resonates with people - it seems there really are certain experiences that are common to many people. So what was originally intended as catharsis for me seems to be catharsis for everyone. Think of me as your therapeutic angry pill - to be taken daily or as required. If symptoms of personal anger persist, venting via comments or on your own blog is recommended - it does wonders for me.

And the haters and other intolerant pricks can take the angry pill as a suppository for all I care. Fuck you in the neck with an angry pill you fucking losers.

Now, the looking forward bit I've done at each 100 post milestone. At the 100 mark, I said I'd start podcasting and I actually took it one step further and started doing videos. At the 200 mark, I said I'd do live performances and I've done that. So now I think I have to set myself a real challenge for the next 100 posts. This time I really have to take it to the next level.

So, before my 400th post, my goal is to actually make money or sign a significant deal with somebody I don't already know. I have a few ideas that I'll be exploring via the blog over the coming weeks. Because, at this point, I can't think of a blog money-making venture that isn't at least a little intrusive (i.e. some form of advertising or endorsement) I'll be looking for some honest feedback from my trusted regulars on how much different plans are likely to piss you off. I'd rather keep doing this for nothing and maintain my readership than make some money but lose my core audience.

Also, feel free to toss any money-making ideas my way! But most important, stick with me. There's no way I would have kept going this long without the regular support of my readers so I don't intend to forget you when I'm famous :) I'm maintaining my promise to visit everyone's town on my inaugural world tour so keep your eye out for the tour dates!

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