Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cute Overload - Little Angries on a sugar rush

This video is a little different - it was actually fully scripted by the little angries, mainly my daughter. They are fascinated by both my blog and YouTube videos even though, for obvious reasons, I don't let them see or read most of what I do. There's this once a year event in Melbounre (and in fact in most Australian cities) called "The Show". I don't know how to trasnlate this for overseas readers... a State Fair in the US maybe.

Anyway, the got a big bag of sugar known as a "show bag" and were a little hyper when the got home (their mum took them). Eventually, this idea came out:

Yes, they have their own masks. We made them a while ago as a craft project. This is perfectly normal behaviour, all families do it. Stop looking at me like that!

The URL for this video is:

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