Monday, February 25, 2008

A voyage on the Enterprize - attacked by pirates!

For any Star Trek fans who are having trouble dealing with the delays to the new Star Trek movie - I have something to tide you over. On a recent weekend I got to go on a reproduction of the Enterprise that will be used in the new movie.

Actually, that's close to a complete lie. The Enterprize I was on is actually a reproduction of the tall ship that brought the first white settlers to Melbourne. Which mean it's Batman's ship. I'm not making that up. Melbourne was founded by Batman. Is your city that cool?

So maybe my weekend had nothing to do with Star Trek (although there is an image of the Enterprize in the opening credits of the most recent series, "Enterprise") and I didn't see any caped crusaders. But I am pretty sure there was a genuine pirate on board. Judge for yourself:

All in all, a fine way to spend a sunny day in Melbourne.

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