Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Angry Moron Hunter

I have decided that it is not possible to set a lower limit for stupidity. No matter how sure I am that I've seen the stupidest behaviour imaginable, there always some moron who's all too eager to do something even more stupid.

Recently, I've been venting on some pet hates in my "Shut the fuck up" series of videos and blog posts. These are not subtle. I make it abundantly clear that this isn't a debate. I am just telling people who piss me off to shut the fuck up. Anyone with the faintest shred of intelligence would know that it's utterly pointless to take exception to what I say in these cases. Because I clearly don't give a shit.

Isn't it lucky for me that the world is full of people without the faintest shred of intelligence?

It is literally impossible to be too obvious for these people. Their heads are so far up their collective arses that they are incapable of understanding how stupid they make themselves look. I made this video to try and explain it from my perspective.


And yes, quite a few morons came out and made complete dicks out of themselves with their comments in response to this video on YouTube. How the fuck do these people even remember how to breathe?

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