Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama - who is he really?

Thanks to here's the answer loud and clear:

Barack Hussein Obama
I am totally over the idiocy, paranoia and hatred being spewed by the anti-Obama camp. And not that I feel like giving any ground to the fucwits who have been drooling this shit but I will clarify the "racist" remark. Of course not everyone who isn't voting for Obama is a racist. But everyone pushing the "terrorist" innuendo and outright smears is either an ignorant, racist fuck or is an evil, soulless, lying sack of shit who is pandering to ignorant, racist fucks.
And speaking of pandering, I don't think people are cutting John McCain enough slack for the way he's tried to calm down the rhetoric at his rallies recently. I saw the video and he seemed to be suffering actual physical pain at the way he had to repeatedly tell people Obama was trustworthy and decent and not some baby eating demon or, worse, an arab. He knows he fucked up and he's decided to take some responsibility for it. Maybe a little late but not near as late as he could have left it.
The big question for me is why did he do it? He's clearly done a 180 degree flip from what he was doing only a week earlier. My theory is that he's looked at the numbers and realised he's going to lose the election. He followed the advice of the evil, ruthless bastards in the GOP machine and gave up all of his standards and sank into the gutter. He followed the advice of the same people who fucked him over with their lies in the 2000 primary race. And it didn't work.
I think he's changed course just so he can live with himself. He spent months abandoning any principles he had in his lust to win. He gave up his soul and got nothing in return. And who knows, this last ditch decency strategy might win him back a few moderates. But given that is really is nothing but the barest standards of decency after months of lies, smears and hate mongering it's almost certainly too little, too late.
At least it shows he hasn't totally passed over into the dark side. He has at least vestigal remnants of human decency. He never deserved to be fucked over by his own party - his time was in 2000. It's too late now. He's too old, too unwell, his judgement is clearly shot and the choice of Sarah Palin as VP is a disgusting insult to the American people. Given the chances of him dying in office are about 110% (with a 10% margin of error in that figure) Palin has to be seen as a Presidential nomination. And neither America nor the world would survive that.

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