Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sarah Palin supporters: shut the fuck up!

I don't know where I got the idea that being reasonable was a good idea. About a month ago, I posted here and on YouTube that I was done with commenting on the GOP campaign in the US presidential race, largely because it depressed me too much (I also noticed upon re-reading that piece that I was talking about if the US economy implodes - I certainly take no pleasure in seeing that part come true). I was even conciliatory to Republicans generally, noting that they have every right to have different opinions and values to me and that doesn't, in and of itself, make them evil or stupid.
Well fuck that. I call bullshit on myself. At this point, the only people still actively supporting Palin fall into one of two camps:
Evil, soulless win-at-any-costs party hacks who couldn't give a flying fuck how much their reckless actions fuck up the world
Slack jawed zombies who lack the basic fucking mental capacity to process the simple fact that Palin is horrifically incapable of fulfilling the requirements of senior executive office
In either case, fuck being reasonable to these people. The sort of stupid responses I have received (particularly on YouTube - big surprise) from the mouth-breathing fuckwits that are still supporting her have clearly shown me that being reasonable is a waste of my time. If these whining little bitches are going to fling insults when I'm being conciliatory then I'll give them something to be worked up over.
I'm still not going to waste my intellectual or emotional energy on them. But I'm going to have a fuck of a good time taunting them. These people are pond scum. They either know they are lying and continue to do so in a completely shameless way or they are too fucking stupid to realise they are regurgitating blatant lies that anyone with an IQ over 75 can see right through. Either way, I'm not wasting my time with logic or debate with these fucking animals. You need at least some basic intelligence or basic integrity for there to be any value in that approach and these slavering hellspawn are utterly devoid of either.
What's fun is that no matter how clear I make it that I'm not interested in their fucked up opinions they'll still bleat. They are too fucking stupid to see the idiocy of their own position and they are too fucking stupid to realise that people are sick of putting up with them. Their aggrieved whining at being told to shut the fuck up is music to my ears. They are so horrifically self-absorbed they are utterly incapable of conceiving of a universe that doesn't place them at its centre. Not even a shovel smacked square in their face would get through to them. Although I'm willing to try.
With an increasing parade of actual conservatives deserting the sham conservatism of the McCain/Palin ticket (often because of Palin) it's obvious what the result of the impending elections needs to be. For the Republicans to lose is not enough - they need to be crushed. At every level of the elections: Presidential, senate and congressional. For the good of the world, America and even the Republican party itself they need to be utterly crushed. The hateful and destructive behaviour pushed by the neocons needs to be relegated to history so the Republican party can actually regain its integrity.
Ron Paul has shown there are still Republicans with integrity. I think he's too old (and possibly too crazy) to run in a future election but hopefully his example will inspire the future direction of the GOP. I'll still disagree with them on most issues but at least I'll be able to respect them.
So yeah, I won't be wasting any of my time or energy on subtle, nuanced political discourse. But I'll sure as hell enjoy yanking the chain of anyone who stupid and/or fucked enough to continue to insist Sarah Palin is anything but the most cynical joke ever inflicted on the American populace. It's time for Sarah Palin supporters to shut the fuck up.

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