Saturday, March 25, 2006

Still Angry After All These Years

In case you were wondering why I'm looking forward to some payback for my car, like virtually everybody in the world I've been screwed over by car dealers and mechanics many times. Virtually any contact with these slimeballs is guaranteed to get me angry but let me tell you the story of the encounter that made me the angriest.

A few years ago I needed to replace the brake pads on my car so I book it in to the dealership where I bought it (stupidly) thinking they'd look after me. Of course I had to wait for two weeks but the car's booked in, they know what model it is and that the brake pads need replacing.

Service day comes and I drop the car off at 8am then head off to work. Nothing to report until half an hour before I go to pick the car up after work. The "service manager" calls to say they don't have the brake pads for my car in stock and can't get them today so I can't get my car back until tomorrow. Now, I have to pick up my kids within 30 minutes and there's no way I can make it without a car.

But this is a car yard so I figure they'll loan me a car to cover for their screw-up. Apparently no. They "don't have any cars available". In a car yard. So let me count up the ways they're pissing me off:

  1. They don't keep a basic component like brake pads for cars they sell in stock by default.
  2. When someone books a car in to have its brake pads replaced they don't check to see if they have them in stock.
  3. I dropped the car off at 8am and they clearly didn't even look at it until the end of the day (god forbid they would have looked at it first thing when they might have been able to get the parts in)
  4. They are making no effort whatsoever to compensate for their idiocy

So the knucklehead is just standing their slack-jawed as if someone's hit him in the head with a piece of 2x4 (I consider hitting him myself to see if his look changes) and he won't let me take my car because they've taken off the worn brake pads and it's undriveable. I'm pretty much ready to do the jail time for murdering this prick but I end up picking up my kids in a taxi. Which the car yard refuses to pay for.

And the next day I pick up the car. And don't kill anyone. Despite the fact each and every one of them deserves it. Later I discovered some bastard stole money out of my glovebox.

I really hate car dealers.

The only thing these scum care about is money, so I've formulated my revenge plan. Next time I'm buying a new car I'm going to this car yard for a test drive. Then I'll tell them I'm definitely buying this car. From someone else. And when they do their smarmy sales push I'll tell them exactly why they're never getting another cent out of me. Then I'll buy the car from another dealer and drive in to show them so they know I wasn't bluffing.

This of course, will have no effect whatsoever on their behaviour. They are, after all, car dealers and obviously incapable of decent human behaviour. But at least the sales monkey will suffer a little pain knowing they missed out on a commission. And I like to inflict pain on my enemies.

Remember that.

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