Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hating Haters

Did I mention I was in a mood? One of my subscribers on YouTube egged me on by asking me to make a video speaking out against haters. I don't need much prodding to attack this target. I've gotten so used to haters that I don't think about them much any more. It's almost a Zen experience when you realise how truly meaningless they are.

But it's still fun to have a go at them. Plus I like giving people tips on how to deal with them. Knowledge is power, after all. The one thing I want to do is encourage people to be angry at the pointlessness of haters. A common (and stupid) ploy haters use is to say hating them makes you a hater. No it doesn't, it makes you a human. This can take extreme forms like when nazis claim that standing up against their racism makes you intolerant. You're intolerant of intolerance, geddit?


So, all in the name of empowerment (and catharsis) here I go:


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