Sunday, November 19, 2006

Braving the riots

I am so friggin' tired right now. I braved the barricaded streets of Melbourne today to get some footage for another street art video. There is so much of this stuff around Melbourne, it's amazing. I only used about half the stuff I shot in the end - and there's still heaps more I could find. I stopped at this point so the video wouldn't be too long.

The "riots" were a bit of a non-event - several streets were closed, including some seedy back alleys that have some good stencils usually. The local tabloid had a field day, calling it a "day of shame" and foaming at the (metaphorical) mouth about the terrible miscreants. I swear, those fuckwits need a good beating so the get a sense of perspective. Admittedly, beating them might not make their worldview more balanced but I'd enjoy beating them.

Anyway, this video took forever to edit, so enjoy it dammit!

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