Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rioting in the streets

Well, maybe - maybe not. It's hardly a Paris-level riot but there a bit of carrying on in Melbourne today while the G20 convention is in town. I was going to take some more pictures of graffiti to make another video but it turns out this is a bad idea today. Skulking around back alleys with a camera and a mask is likely to get my head caved in with a baton if the cops see me.

I had been out at my daughter's birthday party on the other side of town and thought I'd stop in the city on my way home. Getting a few photos while I was out seemed more efficient than going out again tomorrow. Instead of getting photos I got stuck in road blacks and traffic jams, now I have a headache and feel absolutely fucked - as if I'd been out all night.

I was up a little late but only watching cartoons and making videos. I actually did a new intro for my angry news pieces, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

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