Saturday, November 11, 2006

An opportunity presents itself

So I've been working on what the next steps for me and the whole Mr Angry character might be. Exploring the live arena has seemed like the way to go while I wait to be "discovered" via this blog or YouTube. I've been doing the occasional open mic night but now an opportunity has come up that seems right down my alley.

Cable TV here in Australia is not like in the US - it's really on the fringe, probably less than 1/3 of Australians have any sort of pay TV. I have pay TV mainly for entertainment for the kids and animated shows for me. At least 50% of my viewing is on the Comedy Channel (heavily reliant on the US cable channel Comedy Central for content). Recently, the Comedy Channel began running a locally produced standup series each weeknight with a range of comics doing 5-10 minute sets. And now they're running a competition where anyone can win a spot on the show by submitting a 3 minute video.

Now I feel like I have an automatic advantage because I'm all over this doing comedy on video thing. But I am asking for a little help from my faithful readers/viewers. What should I do for the three minute video? Of all my stuff you may have read or watched on video, what's the funniest (that I can squeeze into 3 minutes)? Or if you want to go left field feel free to suggest something you think I COULD do that I haven't done before.

My longer term readers/viewers have already been asked this question several times - I ask for input each time I go to do a live performance. So don't give me a hard time about putting you on the spot. I'm here every day for you, don't fucking wimp out on me now. For fun, I'm including the video plea on the same topic I did on YouTube. And if you happen to like the "Angry Aussie" theme music I often use on YouTube videos you can download it from here:

Apologies ahead of time for the amount of popups this site spawns, but hey, it's free.

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