Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ah'm uh perfeshnul vidyo makur!

Well readers, I've officially reached the goal I set for myself back at my 300th post. For those who weren't paying attention, I set myself the goal of making some money and/or cutting some sort of distribution deal with someone I didn't already know. I got a cheque via courier this week from The FIZZ and made this video to commemorate the fact:

Admittedly, $500US (which translated to $630AU - yay for crappy exchange rates!) is not a fortune and I'm not about to give up my day job but it aint bad! That money will actually pay for flights to New Zealand in January for myself and Ms Angry. Two weeks in Lord of the Rings country, woohoo!

While having the holiday is going to be awesome, it requires some planning in order for me to maintain my one post a day rule. I may or may not be able to find internet connections in NZ so I'm planning a two-pronged backup. One is writing some short posts ahead of time and timestamp them to come up once a day while I'm away. The second is to invite guest contributions to fill in the gaps.

Gruntski is already on board with providing some video blogs but there's plenty of space to fill so if anyone feels like getting angry, drop me a line. These could be either written posts or video posts. Maybe there's something you really want to get off your chest but it doesn't fit in with your own blog or site. You can have things published under your own blog name with links back to your site or it can be completely anonymous. Maybe you don't want people to know how angry you can get :)

I personally recommend getting extremely angry from time to time. The catharsis is great!

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