Tuesday, December 05, 2006

People are dicks

Every now and then it feels like I might be facing a challenge in maintaining my anger. A few things go in my favour and I find myself feeling... happy. But fortunately there is one thing guaranteed to bring my boiling anger back.


People are dicks. No, that's an insult to dicks. People are fucking morons. Whether it's some idiot who can't drive, some loudmouth in a public setting or some antisocial loser online, there's always someone around to ensure that Mr Angry stays angry.

My latest run-in with a moron was via email and the subject was the internet domain "angryaussie.com". I actually own a number of domains based around the name of this blog and I haven't done anything with any of them yet. A little while ago I received an email from someone wanting to know if I'd sell the domain. My answer was, of course, no. I was intrigued about what the person was planning, though, and asked them what they intended to see if we could work something out. I pointed out that I wanted the domain for this blog (eventually) but if our aims had sufficient common ground there might be an opportunity to do something together.

To which I got this stupid response saying that there's no way he could possibly reveal his amazing secret plus he was wondering why I wanted and "Australian" domain when I wasn't an aussie. So he manages to be a fuckwit on three counts.

First, he obsesses that he has some amazing secret that can't possibly be divulged to anyone because this would compromise its wonderful, unique, brilliant, sacred secretness. I've heard this criticism of Australian so-called entrepreneurs from VCs before. They're so obsessed that they have a secret that will be stolen away from them that they will never tell ANYONE what their concept is and so nobody will work with them or fund them. While there most certainly are many examples of bastard money lenders screwing over innovators, the end result of truly obsessive secretiveness is NOTHING EVER HAPPENS.

Second, he makes the stupid statement that I'm not Australian. He has absolutely nothing to base this on. Plus, I've pointed him to the evidence that I clearly am Australian, which he clearly hasn't checked out. So he's a dick who does no research and leaps to conclusions.

Third, he's completely ignored the fact that I've given him an opportunity. I don't know a thing about what he's planning but if there's something we can do together I'm willing to look into it. He clearly hasn't taken the time to actually read my response properly or maybe he's simply too stupid to get it. He seems like a 3 year old - "I want that! If I can't have what I want, when I want it with no negotiation then I'll chuck a tantrum!"

I suppose I should point out that the guy wasn't actually aggressive. He was just a dick. And I fucking hate people who act like dicks.


Crystal said...

I am hesitant to comment that I agree with you completely ... in case you think I am a dick.

Your other blog says 'IT Business Analyst' ... I survived one semester of a Business degree. The Lecturers were all dicks.

The HR lecturer missed a lecture because his wife was having a baby. He missed it again the following week for the same reason but he asked the HR Tutor to fill in for him and she was late. all dicks.
Marketing lecturer said to the room "well I'm not sure if Calvin Klein is a real person or not"

later he said he had not heard of Tiffany & Co (they have been around 100+ years and advertise in all business magazines)

Semester 2 started badly when Marketing Lecturer said he had NEVER heard of Homer Simpson.
No excuse for that mate - Time magazine declared The Simpson the show of the century, the Marketing of Simpsons paraphernalia did US$300m in it's first year etc etc. There are Universities with funded Chairs in The Simpsons. what a dick.

I went to the office and withdrew from studies.

Mr Angry said...

Woo, someone commented on this blog! All the action is on the Wordpress version of this blog - this has devolved into an emergency backup of content.

Having said that, I'd say you made the right choice - that course sounds utterly appalling!