Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Noisy Neighbour

I'm going to trouble you for a little insight today readers. What would you do if I was your neighbour? I don't mean that literally, as in you, yourself, knowing what I'm actually doing here. I mean pretend you'd never heard of Mr Angry then one day you heard your neighbour screaming in what sounded like an insane manner.

Most people would probably ignore this at least for a while. But what if it kept happening at semi-regular intervals? Ranting and screaming. Every now and then you could pick out what the neighbour was saying and they seemed to be wishing all sorts of violent retribution on a range of people.

Then suppose you actually asked what was going on. And the neighbour said: "Oh don't worry about that, I'm just being Mr Angry. I put on a mask and shout a lot. Then I video that and put it on the internet. Nothing to worry about."

I only ask because I suspect my shed is not particularly soundproof and my neighbours may be able to hear pretty much everything I do when I make videos. Given that one of the previous tenants was shot in my shed (not fatally and I only found out about this after moving in) the neighbours may not be too well disposed to craziness in the shed.

Fun and games.

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