Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things I almost did for April Fool's Day

I had a few ideas for April Fool's day that I didn't go with. The first was that I was going to drop the Mr Angry persona in favour of becoming Mr Serious. Mr Serious would take everything seriously. Far too seriously.

Mr Serious would take issues that were either utterly inconsequential or obviously jokes and treat them as if they were the most serious issue in the history of humanity. The one goal in life for Mr Serious would be to convince the world how serious everything was. Except serious issues. He wouldn't touch those.

I didn't do Mr Serious as an April Fool's joke because I might actually do that character for real.

Another thing I though of doing for April Fool's was the following video saying I was doing an ad for a bank. I didn't do it on April Fool's Day because I was too goddam lazy. I did get around to doing it the day after - I hope you like it.

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