Monday, April 02, 2007

Still Angry After All These Years

Just to show that yesterday's post was an April Fool's joke (apart from the stuff about milestones - that was true) WHY THE FUCK DO SOME PEOPLE BRAKE AS THEY APPROACH GREEN LIGHTS? Some people hate drunk drivers. Some people hate fast drivers. Some people hate slow drivers. I just really fucking hate stupid drivers.

I can think of two frames of mind that could contribute to someone braking as they approach a green light. One would simply be when they are too fucking stupid to remember that green means go (this is actually the camp that I suspect most stupid drivers belong to). The second option would be that they think "Hmmm, that's been green for a while. It might change before I get there and I don't want to have to jam on the brakes at the last second. I should start slowing down now and see if it goes red."

If this is the case with you, may I suggest the following: fucking deal with it already! I'm no fan of the people who speed through orange lights (or worse yet, red lights) but braking while the light is green is stupid. It's called a self-fulfilling prophecy: of course the fucking light will change if you slow down enough. Here's what the different colours actually mean:

GREEN: Go. How simple is that? Just. Fucking. Go.

ORANGE: If you can stop without slamming on the brakes then do so. If the light turns orange just as you reach it, it's perfectly acceptable to go through. You don't have to jam on the brakes and you don't have to slow down while the light is still green.

RED: Stop. Not speed through because "it only just turned red." Not go through because you're impatient or you're frustrated with how many times you've been stopped in traffic. It's pretty bloody simple really.

Having to go to work sucks. Having to drive sucks even more. Having to deal with flat-out stupid people in traffic raises the whole thing to a new level of sucktasticness. I'm in a nostalgic mood still thinking about my past year of posts. To go back to one of my early outcries: what the hell is wrong with you people?

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