Wednesday, August 15, 2007

T-shirt competition finalists

I can't believe nobody hassled me to finalise my t-shirt competition. I finally remembered to do it. Without your help! Lucky I'm here to pick up the slack. Before I give the finalists, I'm going to reiterate the two most important rules of the competition:

  1. You're not allowed to get pissed off at me if I don't choose you
  2. The popular vote does not dictate the winner
I really mean rule one. Getting pissed off at me over this is illegal. The police will be around to pick you up if I hear any complaining. And rule two means vote stacking won't work. I'm shallow and will probably be swayed by popular opinion but I guarantee nothing. So here are the finalists:

I know exactly how you feel,I’m just not interested - Paul Brown(blog)

How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up - Cailin (blog)

I'm not angry at you, you pathetic little worm - Massif (blog)

I'm blogging about what an idiot you are - Engtech (blog)

People call you stupid for a reason - Elizabeth (blog)

I exist because of your idiocy - LongbowHawk (YT)

If I could have one wish it would be for you to shut the fuck up - Katara (YT)

I'm only angry because you're an idiot - RandomEdd (YT)

Anger is your body's natural defence against stupid - LadySadist (YT)

Anger is not an emotion - it's a way of life - MokongX3M (YT)

By coincidence I ended up with 5 finalists each from the blog and from YouTube. For those who like such things, I'm including the video version of this announcement that I did for YouTube. I'm wearing the "pirate" gear again because I couldn't find my Mr Angry mask.

So there you go. Get voting!

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