Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Zombie Pride

It seems like every special interest group in the world spends a lot of time expressing their "pride". I figured it was time zombies got in on the act.

This video was actually inspired when fellow YouTuber SeanBedlam did a video entitled "Stupid people are dumb". In the description for the video, he wondered "As awash with retards as the net is, I wonder how all this dumbness affects me mind? (If representatives from the Retarded Community could comment, that would be great.)"

He sure as hell got his wish. The level of stupidity displayed in some of the comments was truly staggering. Even with my famously low opinion of some of the fuckwits found on YouTube, I found some of the responses surprisingly stupid. I decided the only appropriate respondent to these morons was another zombie. Besides which, it was an excuse for me to invent another character.

I'm actually undecided whether or not a zombie (excuse me, I should have said "member of the life-challenged community") is a perfect match for a YouTube hater. On the one hand, they're both brain-dead so I figure they'd have a lot in common. On the other hand, zombies famously subsist on braaaaaaaaains. The poor bastards would starve to death around these hater fucktards.

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