Monday, September 10, 2007

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens nude photos and video - for real!

How stupid would you have to be to be working for Disney AND taking nude photos of yourself. It turns out the stories about the star of Disney's Move High School Musical 2, Vanessa Hudgens, doing nude photos are true. She could win an Academy Award AND a Nobel Prize and she'd still be more famous for these nude photos.

Mind you, if this ruins her career she could always have a second life as a soft core porn star. Some well placed Google Adsense ads and she could make a fortune talking about sex like Emmalina. Millions of horny males would flock to hear her talk about her lesbian sex experiences with co-stars, having to indulge in anal sex, oral sex and orgies on the Disney casting couch (come on - you know those Disney types are wild deviants and perverts when they get going). She's 18 so it doesn't count as child porn but those sick bastard pedophiles have an active imagination. OK, now I've made myself feel dirty.

I hate having to explain things like this to my kids. And huge billboards covered in strippers or ads for erectile dysfunction or penis enlargement. But this is the world we live in. How much of this stupid crap has to happen before people actually realise that this is a stupid way to behave? I'm hoping by the time my kids are teenagers these cautionary tales will have sunk in - there's no such thing as "private" nude photos.

And here's the video I made in a blatant grab for horndog viewers:

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