Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I think Google has blacklisted me

I noticed the weirdest thing today. One of my regular YouTube viewers mentioned he couldn't find my blog on Google. When I check some of my old standby search terms ("Mr Angry", "Angry Blog", "foreskin blog") I wasn't showing up. At first I thought they might have recalibrated their algorithm which resulted in me being moved further down the list.

Then I actually put in "angryaussie" and got back a whole bunch of stuff from YouTube and some other sites but nothing from my blog. It's always possible that this is not about me specifically - maybe they've just demoted hosted blogs generally. But I have no idea how to find out what's happening.

If anyone has any expertise in this area (that includes working out what the hell happened and what the hell I can do about it) I'd appreciate some advice.

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