Saturday, September 22, 2007

World Record Group LiveBlogging - Decmber 1st

So another brainwave from SeanBedlam for the Melbourne As One YouTube gathering is aiming for a world record for the largest number of people liveblogging from the same event. There is some finetuning to be done, like defining how to measure the record. I've never heard of anyone claiming this record before so I think we have a bit of leeway.

My biggest concern is not with the record but with Sean's insistence on referring to video blogging as vlogging. Attentive long-term readers/video viewers will know that I prefer the term yologging for reasons that are to obvious to require repeating here. Although I will explain it in the following video.

A bit of background for the video. The key organisers of the Melbourne As One gathering are Sean, Adrian Calear and me. We decided to record some of our planning sessions for posterity. Because the future will want to see our genius at work. The framing and sound in this video are kind of crap but I think it's worth watching. And even though we play up to the camera occasionally, none of this is scripted.

You see the sort of disrespect I have to put up with?

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