Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Melbourne by night

I'm in the middle of taking a week off work right now. My relaxation mode has spilled over into my blogging. You may have noticed. I'm not dead- simply resting.

I will still be posting. Like right now. Just maybe not with the regularity and depth/length that I usually do. I've also been making less angry videos - it's amazing how much screaming at a camera interferes with relaxing.

I've been shooting some scenic videos around Melbourne actually. As the weather gets better you'll be seeing more of this fair city. Here a video I shot in the city centre the other night.

I'm thinking of doing some more with that ferris wheel - it's really trippy. Maybe I'll do some to camera stuff with the shirting lights behind my head like some sort of acid trip halo. Yeah, that oughta get me arrested.

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