Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Phone company from hell

One of the things that has caused me immense pain in my recent move is being jerked around by utility companies. Getting my phone, internet, gas and electricity connected has been a drawn out, expensive and agonising affair. The connections have taken ages to get finalised and the extra charges they levy are nothing short of mafia-level extortion.

I noticed something on my phone bill that sums their attitude up. The contact number for the phone company includes the digits "666". This is the company that actually sets phone numbers. They can have any phone number they want. And they've chosen to go with a number often associated with the bearded chap weilding a pitchfork.

To me, this is the most collosal "fuck you" they could send customers. They're essentially saying "Yeah, we're evil. What are you gonna do about it? We're going further than not denying it, we're positively revelling in our demonic behaviour."

You may think you have a bad phone company but I really have the phone company from hell.

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