Saturday, May 05, 2007

Stupid people, Darwin and a hot kissing orgy in the Philippines

I've been doing videos for "The Fizz Newzz" for most of this year. I assume they're going to air (on the 101 on DirecTV or some such) because I get payments on a semi-regular basis. On that topic: what the fuck is up with your economy America? The value of the greenback seems to be dropping through the fucking floor!

When I got my first $US 500 payment last year it translated into about $AU 650. Then at the start of this year it had dropped to about $620. The last one I got was only worth about $580. At this rate we'll be on an even value soon. If I was going on a holiday to the US I'd like that but unfortunately that isn't the case. I want to be rich so fix your economy goddammit!

Anyway, for each episode of The Fizz Newzz they give me a few suggestions on what to do. I think they expect me to submit two or three videos but I want to be absolutely sure of getting on the show so I tend to do six or more videos in the hope that they'll like at least one of them. This results in me doing a lot of work that never see the light of day. I decided it was time to liberate some of these trapped lost classics.

This first video is about one of my favourite topics: stupid people who get killed while being stupid. I hate it when stupid people get away with their idiotic behaviour - it encourages other morons.

This next piece is the link bait I referred to in the topic of this post (I thought all the porn searchers who ended up here needed something different to look at). As a regular YouTube viewer pointed out to me, there's a bit of social stigma around public displays of affection in the Philippines, so how the hell does a guy convince a girl to take part in a public kiss-a-thon? I explore the possibilities in the following video:

I'm going to be putting a few more of these together in the future. It beats having to come up with anything new.

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