Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The real inconvenient truth is that global warming deniers are lazy

Here's one for those with too much time on their hands. You can use up ten minutes of it watching this video. As I point out in this video, I recently did a piece going to town on Sheryl Crow for her stupid line about limiting people to using a single square of toilet paper. It was definitely a stupid thing to say and saying it was a joke doesn't make it any less stupid.

But there's being stupid in the name of getting attention and there's being an evil, malicious liar in the name of... well, who knows what. I have seen and heard so many things recently from global warming deniers that have made me so angry, I decided to cut loose on them.

I make a disclaimer in the video but I'll make it here as well for people who don't watch the video: having doubts regarding some of the claims made regarding climate change doesn't make you a liar. Healthy scepticism is an attitude I recommend people carry with them at all times. But the campaign against the reality of climate change is not driven by scepticism. The people behind these orchestrated campaigns are nothing less than self-interested liars.

Coincidentally, Scott Adams has just posted an interesting series of links on his Dilbert blog that cover both the pro and con arguments about climate change. Follow this link for the first part and check through his follow up posts for more. Feed your scepticism with a range of conflicting views. Then you'll at least have some food for rational thought.

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