Friday, August 04, 2006

YouTube is overrun by Nazis

According to Godwin's law if you call someone a Nazi in an argument, you've already lost the argument (actually, this isn't accurate - check here for the history of Godwin's law.) It all becomes a moot point when you're dealing with actual Nazis.

I joined in the YouTube anti-racism campaign without realising exactly how bad that Nazi infestation was. Since posting some anti-racism videos I've had a first hand introduction to the pathetic fools populating that place who think they're the master race. Some hide behind the euphemism "white nationalist" (not that I think that's much of a euphemism) but a lot of them are literally flag waving Nazis.

This is absolutely pathetic and it's been making me progressively more angry. The anger burst forth into the following video - probably the angriest one I've made for a while. The funny thing is I forget to switch the proper light on so it ended up too dark. I cheated a bit with my video editing software to boost the light so you could see me and I actually quite like the gothic look I ended up with. I think the time has come to play with my video effects more.

As always, spread the message far and wide, however you choose. The URL for this video is:

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