Saturday, September 02, 2006

Angry at the unfairness of it all

There are a hell of a lot of people in this world I'd wish unpleasant diseases on but it never works - they never seem to suffer the way they ought to. So why is it that people who don't deserve it have to put up with ten types of crap so often. Not a particularly new or insightful observation I know, but still.

These particular ruminations are sparked by a phone call tonight with an old college friend, Adrian Calear. I have mentioned Adrian once before in this blog, back in the early days when I was talking about going to the Melbourne Comedy Festival and I went and saw the show he was directing, "I Heart Racism". We've had trouble catching up since then because (a) he's busy (directing two shows in the Melbourne Fringe Festival last I heard) and (b) he's had a series of health issues that seem to be multiplying as time goes by.

So the poor bastard is having more tests this week to confirm he doesn't have anything really serious (you hear that mate? The tests are CONFIRMING nothing really bad is happening - you know, apart from all the shit you already know about). Now, I know a lot of my readers are incredibly positive types who apparently come hear to get bucketloads of cathartic negativity that they're too nice to perpetrate themselves. So guys, any spare positive vibes this week, send them out to Adrian.

And in case you think I've gone soft, I only want Adrian to get better so he can direct a show for me. Oh, and a bit of trivia - the look of Mr Angry owes a lot to a play Adrian was in when we were at college. Every character wore some type of mask with the chin cut out so you could see their real mouth and I really liked the look. So now you know where that comes from.

Truth be told, I only mentioned Adrian Calear by name in this post because I discovered as we were talking I was on the first page of Google results for his name from mentioning him previously (yes I surf Google while talking to people - shut the fuck up, that's completely normal). So, Mr Adrian Calear, you're getting google-smacked my man. I'm moving up that goddam page of results - what are you gonna do about it?

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