Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mr Angry goes Post-Modern

Here's what happens when I think about things for too long. A while back I had the idea of exposing myself on YouTube as a fake because a few people had commented that they thought my stuff was too good for an amateur. It's a very nice compliment but then I thought maybe what I need was some controversy - if I started a rumour that I was fake, maybe it would attract lots of viewers trying to work out who I really was.

So I invented another YouTube account with the user name ProudReb. The sole purpose of ProudReb was to expose AngryAussie as a fake. I actually couldn't be bothered putting much effort into it but when I did the video discussing LonelyGirl15 being fake, I thought about doing another ProudReb video exposing me as a fake. Then I got a bit of a surprise when a previous ProudReb video showed up next to the LonelyGirl15 video as a "related video". This settled it for me, I was going to do another ProudReb video.

So here's ProudReb exposing AngryAussie:

Then I noticed some of my regular viewers had been leaving angry comments for ProudReb and I got worried that if they bought into the story they would get pissed off at me when my "lie" was revealed. So despite the fact I did an in-character rebuke to ProudReb I wrote in the description for the video that it was all a joke and it's me doing it. I probably should have apologised for the appalling attempt at a southern US accent as well.

Here's AngryAussie's response to ProudReb:

So hopefully people read the video description and know I'm joking. Or maybe I will actually generate some controversy and become really famous. In that case, fuck anybody's feelings.

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