Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mr Angry's first live performace

Next week I take the first step in one of the pledges I made in my 200th post - I am making my first attempt at performing live stand-up as Mr Angry. This will be at an open mic night in a Melbourne club and hopefully I'll be able to video it so I can put it up here.

So I'm looking for a little help from my readers: of all the stuff I've posted, what do you think would work best as a stand-up routine? I'm thinking at the moment that I'll do some of the "toilet rules" material - toilet humour is fairly universal. Barring some disaster, I plan to keep working on this, probably at least once a week until I decide whether or not there's a future in it. So even if I don't do your favourite material at first it might get a run further down the line.

If anyone is actually interested in going, let me know via comments (identify yourself with your email and/or blog so I can reach you) and I'll tell you the time and the venue. Given some rather aggressive hater attitude I've been getting lately (mostly on YouTube) I'm a little reticent to publicise my whereabouts too openly. Particularly not on my first outing when I'll be nervous enough. But if I get a chance to stack the audience in my favour I'll definitely take it.

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