Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mr Angry Live!

Well, here it is. From the stage of the Comic's Lounge in Melbourne going around the world to you. The first thing I should point out is that this is not a great video from a technical point of view - I set the camera up on a tripod and I *knew* where I had to stand to stay in shot but I got nervous because none of the other comedians stood still so I started pacing around and kept walking out of shot. Straight after the show my friend Adrian was giving me some notes and suggested the character would work better if I held my position.


The second thing worth pointing out is that I have my own theme song! Woot! This was done for me by a YouTube fan by the name of Nutyas - you can find out more about him on his site at

The third thing worth mentioning is that some idiot brought two little kids to the show, about 7 or 8 years old. But in order to minimise any trauma inflicted on the kids they sat them RIGHT AT THE FRONT. In the middle. Right in front of the fucking microphone. That didn't put the performers off much. To get back at the parents I spend a bit of time talking to the kids.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now, it's time for the video. In case anybody has any issues viewing the video through the blog, I'll also provide some links to the video on YouTube and Revver. I think Revver makes it fairly easy to download the video as either QuickTime or Flash, although I'm having a little trouble with their new interface.

The URL for this video on Revver is

The URL for this video on YouTube is

I plan on doing quite a bit more live performing - hopefully both my performances and the videos will get better. I want to close of by being very un-angry for a moment and thanking a few people "without whom this wouldn't have been possible" (as they say at the Academy Awards).

First, the love of my life, without her support I doubt I'd be maintaining this blog let alone branching out into live peformance.

Second, Adrian Calear, who took the time to come along to the show and give me a significant support, advice and feedback. This guy is a professional and he took the time out to help me as a friend. Yes, this is the same friend who's having health issues. AND he's directing four shows in the Melbourne Fringe Festival. An incredibly generous guy. Besides helping me, he also took time out to talk to other performers there and give advice when he was asked. This was people he's never met before. He makes me feel guilty. As soon as I get the details of his shows I'll publicise them here, they are really good (I've already seen them) and well worth your time if you're in Melbourne for the Fringe.

Third, Nutyas, as I mentioned before he's the guy who did the theme music for me. Another incredibly creative and generous individual. He sent me a message on YouTube saying how much he liked my videos and inviting me to check his stuff out. He's a musician and as I'm completely unmusical, I was really impressed with his work. I jokingly suggested he could do a theme song for me and less than 24 hours later he'd done it! Anyone else out there want me to feature their original work on a video? I'm all for it :)

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