Friday, September 01, 2006

The best laid plans...

We're being treated to our first taste of real Spring weather in Melbourne at the moment. Wednesday was the first day since last Summer that the temperature reached 20C and today is the third day in a row of 20+C weather. Along with this, it's getting light earlier in the morning so I'm no longer driving to work in the dark.

All of this gave me the inspiration to do another "angry drive to work" video. The last one I did was actually in the middle of the morning so there wasn't much traffic. I thought videoing a drive during peak hour would give me plenty of opportunity to get angry, swear and pour derision on other drivers. So I took my mask along, set up the camera and...

Nothing happened.

It was the most trouble free drive to work I have had! What the hell are the chances of that? I've been doing this drive for eight months and I always have to deal with a cavalcade of morons doing a series of brain-bendingly fucked-up things. But today I bring a camera and everyone's on their best behaviour. There was even a fairly significant accident blocking one intersection that had almost no effect on my drive - it added maybe 60 seconds.

Cosmic forces are messing me about again. And speaking of the fucking weather, there's another Murphy's Law manifestation. Three days of the best weather in 6 months and they're all work days! The weather forecast for the weekend is a 5 degree temperature drop and lots of rain. Absolutely perfect settings for me to stay inside and write very angry things. Every cloud, as they say, has a silver lining.

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