Monday, January 08, 2007

Geeking out at the airport

Well, my girlfriend just called me a complete dag for logging on the net while waiting at the airport. Then she said to let he know when I'm finished this post so she can check her email. A perfect match it seems.

I'm doing this from one of those pay terminals - I was able to find a few networks on my Macbook but they all required passwords and nobody seemed to have chosen a really dumb password like "password".

We did the good thing and got here way early so now we have another hour to wait for the flight, then a three hour flight. Because of the time difference, it's close to midnight when we land in Christchurch so I hope the hotel where we are spending the night is as easy to find as they promised. If not, my first angry blog post from New Zealand will be on the topic of the bastard lying hotel web site.

I am hoping to get it together to post a few scenic vids from NZ while I'm there - I can't imagine I'll be very angry in them, I plan to have a good time while I'm away. But I like the idea of an outdoor yolog with some massive mountain or glacier in the background.

I've lined up some guest posts to make sure I don't miss a day while I'm away. You'll be hearing from EngTech and Gruntski. In Gruntski's case you'll be literally hearing as well as seeing because he's provided several excellent yologs of his own. Mate, you already have fans on YouTube - you should prepare yourself to conquer that world too!

I'd love to make a vid on the plane but I want to maintain my anonymity and pulling out a mask on a plane could um... cause problems. Stupid paranoid dickheads. What could possibly be wrong with someone wearing a mask and screaming angrily on a plane?

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