Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mr Angry's New Zealand retrospective

So I'm back home now. New Zealand is absolutely awesome! Maybe it was because it was my first decent holiday in about 7 years but I had a really good time. Here are a few more videos I shot while I was there. This first one is shot in the tourist centre of Queenstown. In this video I make at least two factual errors; one, where I call the lake a bay and one where I say a hill covered in trees is suitable for skiing. It was the ski-lift that tricked me.

This one is shot at another of the picturesque camp site where we spent the night - Moke Lake. Contrary to what I say in this video, I actually did go for a swim in this lake. Right in line with what I said in this video, it was fucking freezing.

This one was one of the most fun to make as I involved people around me in the video. They clearly thought I was insane.

Here's another piece of evidence that I'm a frustrated nature documentary presenter. Although I won't get far when I keep calling birds that can obviously fly "flightless". Although you're pretty safe calling any bird in NZ flightless - I don't know what it is about that place but it's crawling with flightless birds.

Here we see Mr Angry - Thrillseeker! But I'll tell you this for free - pay attention to warning signs in NZ. I saw some big-arse chunks of ice falling off the face of the glacier while I was there. Pieces that would easily have weighed more than a tonne. Natural splendour also means huge risks.

We'll be back to your regular angry service directly.

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