Saturday, January 06, 2007

A noisy computer makes for an angry blog

The fan in my computer is playing up and making a horrible fucking whining noise. At least I hope it's the fan. If it's the hard drive I'm in serious trouble. It's so loud I can't stand being on the computer for long so this will be a short post.

If I wasn't goin on holidays in a few days I'd be arranging to have it fixed but I have too much on my mind to deal with this at the moment. Besides, I have a backup in place now. I went out yesterday and bought me a sleek black MacBook. I'm taking this on holidays so I may well be able to maintain posts in New Zealand by finding wireless internet access points.

It's pretty cool. I can hear the Mac faithful chanting now: "one of us, one of us..." I haven't gone online with the MacBook yet, once I do I'll probably be totally hooked. The kids already think it's fantastic - they spend hours playing with the PhotoBooth software making funny distored pictures.

I may even experiment with the Comic Life software and do some Mr Angry comic strip blog posts. It's a fun little piece of software that splices images into a comic book type of template and lets you add voice ballons etc really easily. It's true what they say about Macs - even the stuff that is essentially toys make them seem better than Windows machines.

Anyway, for now I'm going to sign off and punch my desktop PC for a while.

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