Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hell freezes over - or There's hope for me yet

One of my ongoing frustrations is that I've never had a video featured on YouTube. Getting featured would be a major step towards my goal of world domination. And I deserve it it, dammit. They feature some real shit on YouTube.

This video is a little tribute to a YouTube mate of mine, fellow Aussie Seanbedlam who was recently featured. If you don't know Sean's work you wouldn't know why I think this is such a major event. In short, Sean is way more offensive than me as a rule of thumb (hard as that may be to believe.)

I'd often thought that one of the reasons I never get featured is the powers that be at YouTube were worried highlighting one of my "clean" videos would lead people to my potty mouth work and make them look bad. But if they'll feature Sean, there's hope for me yet. He's been on YouTube longer than me so maybe I just have to be patient. Anyway, here's my tribute to Sean being featured:

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