Friday, January 12, 2007

Gruntski on driving

This is a guest post from Gruntski.

In this video post, we learn that Gruntski and Mr Angry have at least one thing in common: they both hate fuckwits in traffic.


Gruntski said...

Hey Mr A... I didn't realise this stupid thing was showing my name....damn. If you could delete the whole comment (if it's still showing my name), that'd be great.

I actually commented that neither of the Gruntski vids are loading, and I am not sure why. Could be that they are listed as private vids on youtube.

Anyway, hope this catches you before you head O.S., and have you some fun, now, ya hear??

Mr Angry said...

All fixed mate. This dumb blog is putting up my post-dated posts straight away - it will show up on wordpress in a couple of days. Also, the video may have been an issue at your end because it played fine for me.