Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Death by meetings

Have you seen that old movie "Zulu" that has Michael Caine in it? He's one of the British soldiers defending a fort at Rorke's Drift from a force of Zulu warriors that outnumber the British about 50 to 1. No matter how many Zulus they shoot another wave comes right behind them.

I don't want to over-dramatise my work situation but that's how it feels when I look at my weekly schedule. No matter how many meetings I get through, there's another wave of them coming right after. I'm among the first to refuse to go to pointless meetings which makes these ones even more daunting. Because of the stage our project has reached, I NEED the information that comes out of these meetings so I have to go to them.

This phase won't last forever but the second bit that freaks me out a little is that I can feel my brain collapsing under information overload. The nature of my role as Business Analyst means I'm expected to lead a lot of the discussion around deploying a company-wide piece of software and formulate all the design requirements. Not much pressure there.

So if my posts sound even more incoherent than usual (or they get shorter) this is the reason. It looks like I'm going to actually have to work for a living for a while.

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