Saturday, February 03, 2007

I blame all my behaviour on sleeping pills

Inspired by Wallstrip's week of medical stories, I decided to do an Angry News video on Howard's favourite drug, the sleeping pill known as Ambien in the US and Stilnox in Australia. It's reputed to cause some really weird side-effects, from hallucinations to people performing weird activities while asleep.

My favourite was the woman who claimed to have woken up with a paint brush in her hand. It turns out she was painting the front door in her sleep. I think the drug maker should use this aspect for marketing. Could you imagine how much better some relationships would be if household chore were getting done while people slept?

From now on, this will be my excuse for people who think I have no life because of all this blogging and video making. It isn't me - it's the sleeping pills. I do all this stuff in my sleep!

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