Thursday, February 15, 2007

Real Estate Agents Suck

Seriously. I'd say these fuckers are all going to hell but that's obviously where they're spawned.

I'm planning to move house so I need to deal with these scumbags while looking for a new rental property. The rental market in Melbourne is tight to say the least right now and there's a lot of competition for decent places when they're available. That I can live with but these piece of shit real estate agents don't have to start acting like arrogant pricks just because they can.

One agent in particular is on my shit list. In all their ads they specify that you can't even look at a property until after the existing tenants move out. Tenancy laws in Australia allow for at least one inspection to be arranged, even if the existing tenant is being difficult they have to agree to one. So the fact that this agent won't organise say, half an hour where everyone who's interested can have a quick look points to one of two things:

One, they're lazy pricks.

Two, the evil fuckers are hiding something about the property.

Neither of these options speaks well of the agent in question. This particular agent even advertises properties without giving a figure for the rent - they say "offers invited". Yes, fight amongst yourself little fishies, debase yourself for our amusement. I want to move but I'm not desperate so I'm not going to be fucked over by these vermin. I'll wait until circumstances are right and won't tie myself in knots in the meantime.

And there's no way I'm dealing with this one particular scumbag agent. On the off chance any real estate agent reads this and wonders why they're so hated, it's because you're evil, lying worthless scum and you fucking well deserve to be hated.

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