Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some weekend video goodness

Apologies to those readers who can't actually watch the videos but it's the weekend. I don't feel like being excessively angry. So here's some angriness as I prepared earlier.

This first piece expresses my anger at choosing the wrong career path. I should have been a private investigator. Why? Because some councils in Melbourne are paying private investigators to have sex with prostitutes. You see, in Melbourne, prostitution is legal so it's an administrative job to make sure they're following the rules, run by government agencies not a legal matter handled by police. Brothels are a business like any other.

Well, not like any other.

In IT, we only get fucked metaphorically by bad management. I suppose as a punchline I could have used a "private dick" joke. But that would have been gratuitous.

This next piece is a response about authorities in Boston getting their knickers in a knot about some coloured lights. The promoters of the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie put some Lite Brite type signs up in about half a dozen US cities featuring one of the characters from the cartoon. Now, admittedly, it's worth checking out unknown objects to make sure they aren't bombs or anything similar but the authorities in Boston acted like complete fucking morons.

If anyone wants to rush to their defence, tell me this: why was there no panic in six other cities? Why were they in Boston for two weeks without causing a panic. When, after being told by Turner Broadcasting (the parent company of Cartoon Network, who broadcast Aqua Teen Hunger Force) that it was a publicity campaign did they continue to act like idiots. Why are they trying to charge the perpetrators with essentially deliberately causing a bomb scare when this is obviously not their intent?

The answer seems to be that in this day and age, the authorities don't like to be fucked with. They may be completely in the wrong, but don't dare call them on it. You've given up all your liberties in the name of safety. Despite what Benjamin Franklin might have to say on the topic.

Although several of my YouTube subscribers had suggested that I do a piece on this topic I wasn't going to touch it because it seemed like everyone was having a go. And I do so like to be an individual. But then I received a message from the future...

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