Thursday, March 01, 2007

Make me unstoppable

I can't get the (kinda) new Bloc Party track "The Prayer" out of my head. Those guys write some damn catchy songs. I have no idea if they are really religious or if they are just invoking the lord for effect. Either way, I'm finding a lot of the lyrics to this track inspirational from the point of view of gearing up to do some performance.

My previous motivation song for getting started was "Ramrod" by Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel (best summed up by the line Say what you mean and say it mean!) In case you can't guess, you really don't want to follow the link to unless you have a strong constitution and/or aren't easily offended. The Bloc party are comparatively tame but I still really like their stuff. The chorus of "The Prayer" goes:

Tonight make me unstoppable
And I will charm
I will slice
I will dazzle them with my wit

I have no idea what the "slice" bit means but the rest really gets me amped up. Plus, another recurring line:

Is it so wrong to crave recognition?

Seems to sum up my obsession with getting some attention. I'm gettin' me some o' these lyrics on a t-shirt!

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