Friday, March 09, 2007

Melbourne International Comedy Festival feature - Miss Rochelle's School for VERY Naughty Schoolgirls

Here's one that's both informative for people looking for a good show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and somewhat rewarding for the porn hounds who keep stumbling upon my blog. I have the distinct pleasure to present to you Miss Rochelle. Miss Rochelle is the headmistress and chief disciplinarian at McQueen Academy where very naughty young girls receive some VERY strict discpline.

You'll also meet the lovely Benne Harrison, part of the impro comedy group "The Crew" who will be presenting Miss Rochelle's School for Very Naughty Schoolgirls at this year's Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

So if you want to know what is taught in schoolgirl Sexology classes, now you know where to go. You can find more details at Benne's MySpace:

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