Sunday, June 17, 2007

A quarter of a million doses of angry

I passed the 250,000 view mark this week. More than a quarter of a million times, my angry little voice has spurted out across cyberspace. Actually, I guess if you count my YouTube views it's more than a million times. That's good for a laugh.

Actually, on more than one occasion it has been a little freaky to consider. The number of times my blog has been found by people searching on the term "I want to kill myself" is more than a little disconcerting.

Still, I started this blog for catharsis as much as anything else and the nerve I seem to have touched with a large number of readers with my angry outbursts is gratifying. I knew I was angry but it's fun to see how many other people are angry too.

I'm planning to branch out from this blog. This blog will, of course, continue but I'm exploring a few other avenues. I'm going to republish some of my more serious work-oriented pieces on a site called that (theoretically) pays contributors who generate ad clicks. Also, I'm trying my luck on LiveVideo - YouTube is pissing me off so much I'm getting desperate for an alternative.

I think embedded LiveVideo looks better as well, see if you agree:

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