Monday, June 04, 2007

So I showed up to work today with pink hair...

Well, it might be more purple than pink. The bottle it came out of said the colour was orange but the way it has reacted with my hair gives it more of a pink/purple tinge today.

Some background: I decided to put some colour in my hair while getting ready for a party on Saturday night. My girlfriend was using this foamy stuff to put some orange colour into her hair and I wondered out loud what it would look like in my hair. She thought I was joking and that I wouldn't dare actually put any of it in my hair.

To which, of course, my reaction was: "You think?"

A few seconds later I was busy foaming this brown sludgy looking stuff through my hair. I decided to try and do my beard too which led to some interesting orange stains on my face. My hair's quite dark but I have a fair bit of grey so I thought I might get an interesting effect. Essentially, according to the instructions I have EXACTLY the sort of hair upon which the product should NOT be used.

I did make a video of the process which I'll get around to editing and posting later so you can judge the colour yourself. Suffice to say that all conversations at work today have followed a similar pattern:

"So..... you put some colour in your hair."

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