Sunday, July 01, 2007

I am NOT a sell-out

One of the many tiresome behaviour patterns on YouTube is the number of self-appointed watchdogs who spend all their time "exposing" people for being sellouts. It never ceases to amaze how how tiny-minded people can be. Anyone who pays attention to my writing on this blog will know I hold humans generally in very low regard.

I spend my whole life expecting the worst of people and I'm rarely disappointed (readers of this blog excepted, you're all fabulous people). Besides the fact that setting the bar so low almost always results in an accurate estimation of human behaviour, those rare instances when someone actually behaves decently seem all the better.

YouTube, on the other hand, is almost guaranteed to throw up new lows of behaviour almost every day. It's full of morons, racists, low-lifes and psychopaths. The actual value of these people's opinions seems to be inversely proportional to the venom and violence with which they spew it forth.

I've noticed from my early days on YouTube that it's full of people who are absolutely sure that they alone hold the wisdom to know what is and isn't acceptable on YouTube. I remember laughing at the person who decreed that only personal video blogs should be allowed on YouTube - anyone who dared to do comedy, music or any other sort of performance should be thrown off. Their delivery suggested they actually expected to be taken seriously.

More recently, as this whole online shtick has started to look like a viable money making venture YouTube has been crawling with people decrying anyone who dares to even consider monetary reward. The absurd thing is how many of these "purists" lump together completely unrelated behaviour like simply asking for money (what's become known as e-begging), selling merchandise (t-shirts, DVDs etc.) and any sort of commercial enterprise (being paid to make videos, sponsorpship etc.)

Anyway, I'm scared of being censured by these purists so I made this video to reassure everyone that I am NOT a sell-out!

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