Monday, July 16, 2007

The Vagina of a 20 year old virgin filled with semen

Now there's some guaranteed search engine bait. One more post title to draw the pornhounds to my blog. But despite the seemingly gratuitous title I make two pledges:

  1. It's actually an accurate title for the content of the post

  2. There's actually some hardcore graphic content so the pornhounds won't be disappointed. Especially the fans of "internals".

This all comes about because I was doing some research into fertility on the weekend. This is not code for "I spent the weekend looking at porn". If I spent the weekend looking at porn I would say so. I think my readers could deal with it. But this was some serious research.

In the course of this research I happened across what is know as the Billings Ovulation Method. I'm sure anyone who's had cause to investigate fertility will have come across this concept. It's essentially supposed to help you determine the most fertile times of the month for women. To illustrate their information they use the following image of a 20 year old virgin's vagina (this is the hot graphic stuff I was promising the pornhounds):

Is that hot or what? The arrows are pointing to various types of sperm that meet various fates. It's good to know what happens to the little soldiers. My first thought on seeing this image was "man, that's hot!" My second thought was "Why the hell was this guy so specific?" Why the need to tell us it was a 20 year old virgin? That's porn site specific. I think we're seeing the whole reason this guy got into gynecology. He has some very specific kinky fetishes.

Then a far more important thought occurred to me. Why does a virgin of any age have a vagina full of semen? Or more to the point, how does a 20 year old virgin end up with a vagina full of semen? OK, I know the general method of semen delivery but that would exclude the "virgin" part of the description.

So I'm thinking this guy is not only kinky, he's very gullible: "No, honest dad, I'm still a virgin. It's perfectly normal for a 20 year old virgin to have a vagina full of semen."

These are the sorts of thoughts that occupy my weekends, anyway.

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